5 Creative Ways to Make a Wedding Party Without Big Costs

5 Creative Ways to Make a Wedding Party Without Big Costs

Have started planning to get married but are still stuck because of costs? Indeed, marriage is an important point in life that is most awaited in a romantic relationship. Especially, if you and your partner have been in a relationship for a long time.

Marriage is once in a lifetime and must be memorable. But, you don’t need to force yourself to have an expensive wedding when it doesn’t cost you so you have to go into debt. We’ve got some tips to save on wedding expenses and fit your budget.

1. Choose an Online Invitation
Besides being environmentally friendly, online invitations are also practical. You can make it with a website or send an e-mail to invited guests, especially to close friends. If someone needs a physical invitation, you can print it out and give it to them. To save costs, choose an invitation design that is simple and not too expensive. For example, in the form of clothing tags from Samson paper and put in vintage-themed envelopes.

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2. Use Vacation Photos Together
You can save on the cost of pre-wedding photos by using vacation photos together. In addition, you can also ask friends for help for pre-wedding photos with casual themes at home or in the garden. For clothes, just use what you have or rent a ball gown.

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3. DIY Souvenirs
Instead of spending a fortune on souvenirs, you can make your own. For example, make a small bag to store money. You only need plain cloth and drawstring, then sew it yourself. The point is, choose souvenirs that can be used and stored, such as glasses, pouch bags, or frames.

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4. Use Matching Colors Instead of Giving Uniform Materials
This can save your wedding costs more. Especially if you have a large family. You can ask them to use matching colors such as blue, white or green. Try to choose a neutral color that everyone has. To indicate that they are part of the family, you can give flower ribbons and flower crowns.

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5. Prioritize The Most Important
One way that can be done before holding a wedding is to make a priority plan. Begin to write down what should be in the marriage and should not be disturbed until it is not very important. For example, you want a really professional photographer, then you can reduce the budget for decorations or MCs.

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