How to Make a Paper Hat for Party

How to Make a Paper Hat for Party

I’ve never made a solitary scrapbook yet that beautiful paper is simply so darn valuable. I need to utilize it for everything. I don’t figure I could set up a party without it.

Last August I made these paper party caps for Maggie’s Crafty Pool Party, (alongside around a billion other specialty projects, for the most part produced using scrapbook paper).

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The caps turned out really charming and from that point forward, I have had heaps of individuals ask me how to make them. So today, since I chose to raise some new ones for Hell’s impending Sweet Shop Party, I figured I’d do a little paper party cap instructional exercise.

They are somewhat work escalated, contrasted with simply purchasing a bunch of caps at the party store, yet so worth the work. In addition to the fact that they are astonishing, you can totally tweak them to match your stylistic layout, particularly in case you are making paper festoons as well.

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  1. Printable Party Hat Template.
  2. Coloured heavy paper or thin card stock that will go through your printer  (the one I used is 120gsm).
  3. Items to decorate: stickers, streamers, felt tipped pens, bling or whatever else you fancy. I’d steer clear of glue and paint if you are making these as a party craft simply so you don’t need to worry about drying time.
  4. Thin elastic.
  5. A stapler, scissors, and a hole punch.
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How to

  1. Utilize an old paper party cap as a layout. Cautiously smooth it out and afterward follow it on the back of the scrapbook paper. You will require one piece of paper for each cap, yet you can save the extra paper for other party makes.
  2. Cut out the hats.
  3. Twist up the caps to make a cone shape. Put one staple at the base to hold it set up. Utilize a heated glue weapon or scotch tape to get the crease.
  4. Overlap your crepe paper in half longwise, then, at that point, sew it set up the whole length of the crepe paper. In case you can’t observe the bordered crepe paper, you can utilize normal paper and periphery it yourself, yet delay until after you sew it.
  5. Utilize heated glue firearm to stick crepe paper to within cap along the lower part of cone. Trim abundance.
  6. Use spot of heated glue to stick pom to top of cone.
  7. Cut a length of flexible string adequately long to fit cap on kid, in addition to an additional a 2 inches. Tie a bunch at each finish of string, then, at that point, staple set up on cap and you’re finished.

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